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Current Asset Locations


Century Ridge Capital Partners LLC (“Century” or “CRCP”) is a deep-value boutique private investment firm focused on real asset special situations. We look for undiscovered “off the run” opportunities in the middle market where quantifiable inefficiencies such as asymmetric information flow and forced selling exist.

In shaping our own definition of the middle-market, the "Micro Market", or multifamily buildings with 20 units or less, we predominately encounter owner-users and aging baby boomers who do not publicly announce their building (s) for sale. In these situations, information is not readily available. 

Unlike our peers, our process enables us to identify and directly source real estate assets – often at discount prices directly from the owners, disintermediating the brokerage community. You invest with us because of our quantifiable track record successfully executing our strategy. We are experts at analyzing buildings from both a balance sheet, cash flow, and liquidation basis. Relying solely on off-market privately owned buildings, we dig into situations that others can not find or never think to consider.



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